3 Affordable Ways to Spruce Up Your Bath (via Refinery29)

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As a designer, I often opt for high-end custom pieces that are tailored to fit the exact specifications of each project—aesthetically and functionally. But, I also understand that not everyone has the budget for these luxury items. So, when Refinery29 challenged me to dress up a bathroom for under $100, I was excited to give it a try.

Below, find my retail picks that are sure to make any bath spectacular!

1. Sferra Rima Bath Towel, $49, available at Neiman Marcus

Plush, monogrammed towels is a small luxury everyone deserves. These towels will not only keep you dry after a well-deserved bath, they will also look super stylish on your towel rack.

2. Dash & Albert Denim Rag Diamond Ivory Woven Cotton Rug, $34, available at Dash & Albert

There’s nothing worse than walking into a puddle of water after a shower. This stylish woven rug will help get rid of slippery floors.

3. Anthropologie Glass Bubble Knob, $8 to $10, available at Anthropologie

For a small price, you can switch out your cabinet knobs to something really sexy. Anthropologie has lots of great options, such as these playful bubble knobs.

Want more bathroom design? You can find my favorite projects here. You can also see what other designers picked when decorating rooms for under $100 on Refinery29 here.

where does the time go...

We are a little sad to see Summer go.  So we rounded up a few ideas to keep the summer vibe going for you all year long...

small can be GRAND



There are a few tips that I can give to homeowners who don’t have a huge budget or huge spaces, but want their rooms to feel luxurious and spacious.

First, mirrors are your best friend. These are especially useful in smaller spaces, like a narrow hallway. Not only do many of these reflective pieces have a glamorous edge, but they also create the illusion of having a roomier interior. Nothing says luxury like space!


My next secret is about tile. Rather than add this accent on a straightforward vertical or horizontal line, add tile along a diagonal or fan it out across your wall. This will give a custom, bespoke feel to your bathroom or kitchen and make it feel a little bit roomier.

Another trick I have is to use larger-scale, flush mount light fixtures. These can make a big impact overhead, but won’t take up any of the room’s physical space. Remember, space is your biggest luxury.

I’m also a huge fan of lots of layers of textures and pattern. This gives the eye a lot of places to land, making your space feel dynamic and lively.

I always say that color can add so much to any room, especially a bedroom. But I know that it can be frightening to take the leap and paint your walls a dramatic hue. If that is too intimidating, I recommend painting your ceiling in a lacquered, light-colored finish. This will add depth to your room without overwhelming it.

Also, we’ve all drooled over those homes that have large open walls that feature stunning vistas of mountains, cityscapes, etc. For the majority of us, this is a luxury that isn’t readily available. So, what I like to do is invest in landscape paintings. A really amazing piece of art can make it seem as though you’re at a resort overlooking a gorgeous view.

Finally, make sure that everything you have is serving double duty. Add hidden storage under your bed, bring in a bench that opens to reveal a hiding place for knick knacks, use a secretary rather than a desk, style in bedside sconces instead of reading lamps, etc. Clutter makes your home feel less expansive, so make sure you have an easy way to keep everything clean and clear.

These are a few tips that I can give to homeowners who don’t have a huge budget and large space, but want their rooms to feel luxurious, comfortable and gorgeous. :)